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Our Furry Friends

Hi! I'm Lulu.

I'm a toy goldendoodle. My mom, Olivia, created this online shop when she was a dog walker in Santa Monica, CA. She noticed that a lot of the dogs that she walked could use some extra fashion in their lives, so she started making bandanas! Now our business has grown and we have shipped bandanas all over the US and Canada! We are even featured in the retail shop at Brady's Groom Room in Byron Center, MI.

Here are some of the other pups you may see on our site:


Mia is a chocolate lab. She loves treats and street food. She wears a Large bandana.


Louie is a mix. He's very sweet and loves to play with his best friend Mia! Lou wears a Large bandana.


Noodle is a goldendoodle (Noodle the Doodle!). She loves to play with her ball and meet other dogs. She wears a Medium bandana.


Cam is a bernedoodle. My mom started walking him when he was a small puppy and now he's huge! He's a gentle giant, though. I like to go on walks with him! Cam wears a Large bandana.


Liv is an Australian Labradoodle. She and I like to go on hikes together! She wears a Medium bandana.


Rush is a Labradoodle. He is a sweet boy that my mom enjoys walking! He wears a Medium bandana.


Sammy is a bernedoodle. He is super sweet and loving! He wears a Large bandana.


Winnie is a lab-bernedoodle mix...but she's more like a lab! She's my fur-cousin and loves to play! She wore a small bandana when she was younger but now she wears a medium...someday she'll probably fit best in a large!